What is a protocol

What is a protocol

If you look up the meaning of protocol in Kojien,

  1. Draft Convention, Protocol
  2. diplomatic protocol
  3. The rules established for data communication in a computer-system. Information formats, communication procedures, error detection methods, etc. are defined.

There is.

Why bother without a protocol?

Let's use sports as an example.

You can't play baseball if you don't know the rules of baseball.

Also, the opponent must know the rules of baseball.

If this is the rules of baseball and the opponent is playing by the rules of soccer, the game will not work.

In other words, if both players don't use the same rules, the match won't work.

 Even in the real world, countries cannot build good relationships without protocols. Conflicts arise in politics, economics, and trade.

If done poorly, it may lead to war. In order for the two to have a good relationship, they need to have a promise between them.

The same is true in the networking world.

Communication cannot be established unless communication is based on the same rules.

 For example, when trying to communicate between two computers, communication is not possible unless many conventions (protocols) are agreed upon in advance.

  • cable shape
  • electoronic signals
  • shape of connector
  • error correction

Communication is not possible if any one of these is missing.

There are many protocols.

 For example, RS-232-C for serial ports, V.90 a