Introduction to Network Part IV

Network Introduction Part IV

Chapter 7 Networking

 Here, we introduce the protocols, network tools, and networks that could not be introduced in Part I to Part III. We will also introduce IPv6, routing mechanisms, and routing protocols.

01 Build a network at home02 Build a network at home (install a wireless router)
03 Build a network at home (repeater)04 Build a network at home (wireless router settings)
05 Build a network at home (DHCP/IP acquisition)06 Build a network at home (appliances and game consoles)
07 Building a LAN with power line communication (PLC)08 terminal emulator
09 TFTP server10 Useful Network Tools
11 What is VLAN (virtual LAN)?12 VLANs (trunk tagging)
13 What is STP/Spanning Tree Protocol?14 What is Fast Ether Channel?
15 What is HSRP?16 What is Multihoming?
17 What is OSPF18 What is an AS (Autonomous System)?
19 What is BGP20 What is IS-IS
21 multicast address IP address22 multicast MAC address
23 IPv6 (Overview of IPv6)24 IPv6 (IPv4/IPv6 header format)
25 IPv6 (notation of IPv6 address)26 IPv6 (type of IPv6 address)
27 IPv6 (global unicast address)28 IPv6 (site-local unicast address)
29 IPv6 (unique local unicast address)30 IPv6 (link-local unicast address)
31 IPv6 (Interface ID)32 IPv6 (special unicast address)
Chapter 7 Networking