Introduction to Network Part III

Chapter 5 Application Layer/Other Protocols (Part 2)

01 What is email02 SMTP header information
03 How email works and how to read email headers04 What are POP3 and IMAP4?
05 What is MIME? E-mail encryption and electronic signature06 Common Key Cryptosystem
07 Public Key Cryptosystem08 E-mail (S/MIME and PGP) and mail relay problems
09 E-mail (restricted by domain, linked with blacklist)10 POP before SMTP/APOP before SMTP
11 POPS before SMTPS, SMTP-AUTH, SMTPS-AUTH12 What is SNMP? Manager/Agent
13 SNMP (MIB, Polling/Trap, Message)14 multicast addresses
15 How DHCP Works16 DHCP relay agent
17 UDP broadcast relay for DHCP18 BOOTP/DHCP message format
19 Contents of DHCP message20 Packet flow in DHCP
21 FTP/TFTP communication22 FTP communication (active mode/passive mode)
Chapter 5 Application Layer/Other Protocols (Part 2)

Chapter 6 VLSM, Firewall, QoS, VRRP

23 What is a Variable Length Subnet Mask (VLSM)24 How to divide subnets in VLSM
25 VLSM and classful routing26 VLSM and Route Aggregation
27 Firewall types28 What is Static Filtering
29 Limitation of TCP header specification for static filtering30 What is Dynamic Filtering
31 Difference Between Static and Dynamic Filtering32 Information required for stateful inspection filtering
33 Port numbers that should be blocked by filtering34 URL Filtering/P2P Filtering
35 QoS36 Mechanism of QoS and priority control
37 QoS/priority control mechanism/PQ+WFQ38 QoS/bandwidth control
39 QoS/Packet Identification40 What is VRRP?
Chapter 6 VLSM, Firewall, QoS, VRRP