multicast address IP address

multicast address IP address

multicast address ip address

 A multicast address is a special class that does not fit into any of the class A through class C address classes. A dedicated address for transferring data only for a specific group. This address is used only as a destination address. The source address is always unicast.

 The multicast address is determined to be "1110" for identification with the first 4 bits, and there is no host address part. The 28 bits after "1110" are used as a multicast group ID to identify the multicast group.

 Since the multicast address starts with "1110", we will use " to". Multicast communication is used, for example, in multimedia applications that broadcast audio or video data all at once. It is also used by routing protocols to exchange route information with each other.

 Allocation of multicast addresses is managed by IANA. Some of the major Well-Known multicast addresses are:

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