IPv6 (Introducing IPv6 to Windows XP)

IPv6 (Introducing IPv6 to Windows XP)

This section introduces the installation of IPv6 protocol on Windows XP.

Open the properties of your local connection.

Right-click on your local connection to view its properties.

In Local Area Connection Properties, click Install.

Select "Protocol".

Select Microsoft TCP/IP version 6.

When the installation is complete, "Microsoft TCP/IP version 6" is displayed on the "General" tab.

 Unlike Windows Vista, there is no GUI setting screen for IPv6. Look at the red frame on the screen above. The "Properties" button is greyed out.

Instead of using the GUI, "ipv6" and "netsh" are provided as command line tools.

 After installing the IPv6 protocol on Windows XP, check if the IPv6 address is set from the command prompt.


It shows a link-local unicast address, which is an IPv6 address.

Setting an IPv6 address is easier in Windows Vista, which can be set using the GUI.

The screen below shows the properties of "TCP/IP6" in Windows Vista.