Build a network at home (repeater)

Build a network at home (repeater)

 Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, remote work and online classes are becoming popular, and the need for a home network is increasing. Among them, wireless LAN is convenient because it does not require a cable connection and you can access the Internet anywhere in the house.

 However, even if you want to connect to the Internet from anywhere in the house, there are places where it is difficult to pick up radio waves, and there may be places where the Internet connection is not stable. In such a case, using a wireless LAN repeater enables communication between wireless access points and expands the wireless LAN, so a stable Internet connection can be achieved.

 Even if you do not purchase a wireless LAN repeater, many wireless router (broadband router) products can switch between router mode and repeater mode with a DIP switch, so you do not need to purchase a new repeater. In both cases, old wireless routers can be used.

 WDS (Wireless Distribution System) is a technology that relays wireless data, but setting up WDS is a bit difficult, so if you are purchasing a new one, we recommend a repeater that is easy to set up. To extend the wireless LAN, there are products called wireless routers and Ethernet converters that support WDS.

The old type has a slightly higher setting hurdle, such as checking the MAC address of the access point and registering each other's MAC address.

 Repeaters that have been released recently are called Wi-Fi repeaters, and they are easy to set up. It is a good idea to check the manufacturer's website to see if it is easy to set up. A model that can be set with a dedicated app is recommended.

 Also, recent wireless LAN routers have enhanced radio wave output, so radio waves may reach the entire house without using a repeater function. You can also try changing the location where the wireless router is installed.

About the installation location

●Installation location

 Since the strength of radio waves cannot be seen with the naked eye, a special measuring instrument is required to measure the strength of radio waves, which is very expensive. However, even if you do not purchase an expensive dedicated measuring instrument, you can measure the general radio wave condition with a laptop computer with a wireless LAN card inserted or a laptop computer with a built-in wireless function. Around the house, take your laptop with you and figure out what is the best position in the house.

 It is better to install repeaters in blind spots where radio waves are difficult to reach. Recommended is a repeater that can be plugged directly into a power outlet. However, in the summer, the repeater may become very hot and run out of control. In that case, you need to take measures such as rebooting.

The figure below is an image diagram of building a wireless LAN network using a repeater.