What is PLC

 PLC is an abbreviation for "Power Line Communication", and is a technology for data communication using power lines as communication lines. Just by installing a PLC modem in an electrical outlet, you can perform data communication at several Mbps to several hundred Mbps.

 The electrical wiring is stretched throughout the building, so there is no need to run new cables. With PLC, you can easily build a network because you can use the existing electric wiring network.

 The technology itself that uses electrical wiring as a communication circuit is not that new. Even if we had the technology, we were unable to commercialize it due to strict regulations. This is because it has been pointed out that leaked radio waves leaking from electrical wiring affect amateur radio.

However, since the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications relaxed the regulations in December 2006, various products are now being put to practical use and sold.

PLC configuration

 A network using a PLC consists of a master adapter and a terminal adapter. It may be easier to understand if you imagine that the master adapter corresponds to the parent device and the terminal adapter corresponds to the child device.

To use a terminal adapter, it must be registered with the master adapter.

The network configuration diagram below is an image diagram of a home network using a PLC.

It will be an image of hanging the terminal adapter on the master adapter.

 A PLC network can use electrical wiring as a communication line. If we replace electrical wiring with twisted pair cables, we can build a network equivalent to a cascaded network using switching hubs (including hubs).

 By simply inserting the power plug into an electrical outlet, wireless LAN enables data communication even in locations where radio waves are difficult to reach and wireless communication is difficult, or in locations where cable wiring is difficult. The appeal of PLC is that it does not require wiring work for Ethernet cables.

 Every room in the house usually has a power outlet. In other words, by using a PLC, you can easily build a network in every corner of your home.

 Also, with PLC, there is almost no difficult setting work like with wireless access points. Depending on the product, the initial settings have already been made, and some products can be used immediately as is.